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Hello there. Have a seat at the Guruís table, and let him fill you in on all the craps tips youíll need to become an expert at the player. My nameís George (but if youíve been around this site for a while, you must know that already), and Iíve had my share of ups and downs, just like anyone who plays craps. My job here is to guide you on your journey, and dispense all the advice I can so you will have a smooth ride. By way of giving you lots of tips, I think Iíll concentrate on the etiquette and unusual aspects of craps that might tend to trip you up.

When youíre at the casino, you know youíll be drawn to the craps table, and youíll be sure to want some craps tips to help you avoid offending any other players, and to make the most of your time there. So if youíre new to the game, youíll want to get familiar with these points. Iím not listing them in any particular order because theyíre all equally important. Follow my craps tips and youíll look like a pro in no time. Take it from George.

You may have seen some of these points on my page about how to play craps, but here Iím going into a bit more detail about the specific craps tips Iím offering you.

  • When you first sidle up to the table, you may want to watch for a while, and when youíre offered the dice, you do have the option of passing them on to the next player without offending anyone. No one minds if youíre not quite ready to dive in or if youíre more comfortable betting on another shooter at first.
  • Now of all the craps tips I can give you, please make sure you pay attention to this one! After the come-out roll, it is extremely rude to shout out (or even whisper) "seven". Itís really bad luck, just the opposite of telling an actor to ďbreak a legĒ before a performance. You never know; the dice may hear you and the shooter could seven out. If you do this, you are guaranteed to offend the other players at the table.
  • This next one is pretty straight-forward. When you throw the dice, youíre expected to hit the back wall of the table. If you donít itís not a big deal, but you should try your hardest on this one. As well, when you toss the dice, youíre supposed to try to use an underhanded upward flick of your wrist. For obvious reasons, itís affectionately known as "feeding chickens."
  • As a craps player, donít ever handle the dice with more than one hand or take the dice out past the edge of the table. This is because someone may think youíre trying to cheat by switching the dice.
  • Now this next one I like. You may feel pretty intimidated at the craps table in a fancy casino, but as far as craps tips, this one can make you feel like youíre not at the mercy of the dealer at the table. So you can feel free to correct a dealer that you feel has made an error. This is by no means rude, because mistakes happen in the heat of the moment, and disputes are often resolved to the player's benefit, mostly to keep everyone happy and to keep the players from leaving.
  • If you want to place a bet thatís in the center of the table, youíre expected to let the Stickperson do this for you. In this case, just toss your chips to the center of the table (gently now, or theyíll go all over the place!) and call out the bet; the stickperson will put them where you want.
  • And last but definitely not least, youíre expected to tip the dealers, especially if youíre winning. This is how most of them make a living. The tips from the players are like their bread and butter. One way to do this is to just toss some chips onto the table when youíre done, and say "for the boys." Or, a more subtle way would be to place a bet next to your own and call out "dealers." Now letís say youíve had a real hot streak and youíre about to head home. You could place one last bet, as thanks to the workers around the table, called a "two-way" bet. This is one that gets split evenly between the players and dealers.

So now youíve been informed about all sorts of craps tips from the Master. Thatís why they call me the Craps-Guru! Iíve been here and Iíve been there, and Iíve seen my share of craps players who arenít following my craps tips. Those are the ones who get sneered at and shunned from the tables. And believe me, word spreads fast at the casino, and if youíre not using the craps tips Iíve given you, you might as well call it quits, and head for the Slots! You know Iíve got lots more info for you here on my site, so take a look around before heading out to the tables. Good luck!


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