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Craps System

Well hello there! Iím glad you decided to take the time to come to this page to learn all about systems. George the Craps-Guru will take it from here, and Iíll give you all the knowledge that I can. One thing I know about for sure is that almost all gamblers think that there is a craps system or betting scheme that can beat the house advantage. During my time at casinos around the world, Iíve heard about lots of scam artists that try to market gambling systems. I have yet to hear of one that works. Believe me, George knows of what he speaks!

One of the ones Iíve heard about is called the Martingale craps system. This is one where you start out by betting $1, and double your bet whenever you lose. Then if you win, you start over again at $1. The problem with this system is that can easily lose a ton, just to win $1, and also that youíll find yourself up against the house table limit after possibly not too long. This can happen if you keep losing and keep doubling your bet which, at high limit tables, can quickly run you right out of cash, leaving you no way to win it back. This is just one of the ways that gamblers throughout history have hoped that theyíve discovered the magical craps system that will win them millions.

Now, Iíve also heard a lot about how using math can help you win. Well, thatís kind of true. You can definitely use math to help you not lose! Hereís a good example of how using math can help you at the table. Letís say youíve been watching the dice like a hawk, and you see that an 11 hasnít appeared in quite a while. If you read my page on craps odds, youíll know that there are two ways to roll 11; a 6 and a 5 or a 6 and a 6. This means that there are 2 chances in 36 (or 1 in 18) that youíll get an 11 Ė on any roll of the dice. This doesnít change, even if the dice have been rolled 100 times. Just like flipping a coin; heads is not any more likely to come up if 10 tails have shown in a row. The odds just donít change. Thatís the math.

Another thing Iíve noticed over the years is that anyone trying to sell you a craps system will use lots of fancy words and make the sales pitch sound like the greatest thing since sliced bread, but they canít tell you why, if their system is so great, casinos are doing such a bang-up business. If any craps system really worked, you wouldnít see craps tables in casinos. It just wouldnít be worth it for the casinos since theyíd be losing all the time. You know how word spreads at a casino. A system that works would be the hottest topic in no time.

One more thing that gamblers try, and which can get them into trouble, is called ďsettingĒ the dice. This isnít really a craps system, but more like a way to cheat. What it involves is holding the dice in a certain way (also called controlled shooting), so that when they roll across the table, theyíre more likely to end up with certain numbers showing. This is different than any other craps system, because, mathematically, if you can change the odds of the roll, then you could really win. Casinos all have methods in place to discourage this practice. I talked about them on my how to play craps and craps tips pages. Basically, when you shake the dice, they have to make that rattling noise. That way everyone knows youíre not trying to hold them too tight. As well, the dice have to bounce off that back wall. That puts a break in a controlled spin, making it random again.

I guess thatís about it for my craps system page. I hope Iíve been able to help you out on your way to becoming a craps guru like old George here. You know, if thereís anything else you need to know about craps Iíve got a great craps resources page with links to other craps sites around the world to help get you going. So long from the Guru, and good luck on your journey!


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